Each child should
have a good start.
Many don't.

Combining passion and desire
to help better the lives of children in need.

What We Do

Food n' Books 1

Food n’ Books (FnB) promoting proper nutrition and literacy in our children.


Cooking For Kids With Kids

Working with our partner homes and shelters to help children in need develop kitchen skills.


Educational Scholarship

Recognizing every child’s right to education, we will work to help children get off the streets and into schools.


Exploring ways to help women and girls in need to recognize their power within to create better circumstances for themselves.

Milk 4 Kids

Helping our kids get their necessary dose of calcium. They only get one chance to build strong bones.

GO Green

We recognize our responsibility to keep our planet healthy and clean for our children to inherit.

Disaster Relief

With the Philippines being prone to natural disasters, we work with other orgs to help in disaster relief, cooking for and feeding those affected.

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