Food n' Books

We conduct feeding activities in different areas in Manila where street children are found, as well as in different indigent communities together with our different partner organizations and partner schools. Free nutritious meals and free activity books to nourish both bodies and minds of children in need. We spend time with these children and they are wonderful, as beautiful as anyone else’s, bright, full of life and very much interested to learn when given the opportunity, and that is what we hope to do with FnB, give the opportunity denied to them by circumstances. We hope to help street children get off the streets and into schools. We shall persevere and never give up. 

Our goal is 1Book, 1 Meal, 1 Kid, 1Dream. We are looking for partners to provide us the books for our FnB program. Activity books for our younger kids, story books for the older. Many of our kids are just learning how to read and with 1Book to every 1Kid, we want to get them addicted to books, and with a 1healthy meal they can easily increase their capacity to absorb good information. We dream 1Dream. Dream with us! 

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