Food n' Books


1Book, 1Meal, 1Kid, 1Dream

We conduct feeding and literacy activities with our partner organizations benefitting children in need in different parts of Manila.  We offer free nutritious meals, story and activity books to nourish both bodies and minds of  our children. We spend time with these kids and try to understand what is happening in their lives so to find the best ways to help them. They are as interesting, bright, full of life  and are as very much interested to learn when given the opportunity.  Finding the need, Bolanday hopes to fill it, to help open up some opportunities  denied to these kids by their circumstances. We hope to get street children off the streets and into schools. It won’t be easy but we shall persevere and never give up.

Our goal:  1Book, 1 Meal, 1Kid, 1Dream 

We are looking for partners to provide us the books for our FnB program. Activity books for our younger kids, story books for the older ones.  Many of them are just learning how to read, with 1Book to every 1Kid, we dream for each kid to develop a love for books, and with 1Meal, healthy meal a kid can easily increase his/her capacity to absorb good information. And we shall inspire each kid to dream. To dream 1Dream, a Better World! Come join and dream with us!

Educational Assistance Program (EAP)

We are designing our scholarship program. In our Food n’ Books activities, children with potential will be monitored and selected for scholarship. We partner with other similarly minded organizations, homes and shelters for abandoned children and support them via our partners’ scholarship program until such time that we are able to handle our own.


Woman And Girl Power

We are exploring ways to inspire and help mothers and girls in need to recognize their power to create better circumstances for themselves. Or how to turn their circumstances into opportunities to become the best of what they can be capable of making themselves.

Disaster Relief

The Philippines is prone to natural disasters and calamities. We partner with Art Relief Mobile Kitchen (ARMK) in providing food relief to those affected. We will bring Food n’ Books to children in affected areas. We shall Cook For Kids and Feed The Hungry in times of disasters and calamities, natural or man-made.

Photos taken from Tacloban, Iligan, Legaspi, and Marikina disaster relief missions by Art Relief Mobile Kitchen.

Go Green

We dream of a clean and healthy earth to leave to our children. We shall work together, join initiatives with communities, our gov’t., schools, businesses and other non-profits to do our part in any way we can that our children will inherit from us a better and a cleaner world. We shall teach our kids ways, big and small, on how they too can contribute to the caring and protection of our environment. It’s our earth and it’s future is our children’s.

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